Through my highly personalized approach, I meet all of my clients where they are in their current journey. Through meaningful conversations and interactive activities, you’ll shift beyond the comfort zone and ELEVATE with confidence, moving from a high-level of doing to a high-level of being!
Organizations, groups & teams

How I help your organization elevate

I work with conscious, high-performing leaders and teams who are ready to elevate themselves and their organizations to the next level. Using the ELEVATED framework, we focus on developing existing strengths to their fullest potential and realize the abundant opportunities in doing so. We ask relevant, meaningful questions and engage in thought-provoking discussions, leading to actionable next steps. This inclusive and powerful approach supports impactful change beyond individual influence and results in accelerated outcomes and productivity, cultures of engagement thriving in collaboration, creativity and innovation, and safe environments built upon trust and strong communication.

I will work personally with you to thoughtfully customize programs and packages that best serve your organization, group or team in achieving their highest potential.

Contact me to learn more about customized programs and packages like:

✔️Sessions to create shared purpose, vision and values
✔️Innovation and Strategic Planning Summits
✔️Building new teams and ways of working
✔️Strengths and Superpower Workshop
✔️Leadership retreats and off-sites
✔️1:1 Leadership Coaching
✔️Team Coaching
Toast to the Team, Szymetrics, One Hope Wine, Virtual Wine Tasting, Corporate Team


Toast to the Team™ is a wonderful opportunity to engage your team in meaningful connection and raise the good vibes. 

During this time of home-huddles and sheltering in place, we can deepen our connections and help others generate more positive mind and heart-sets through sharing stories of resilience, abundance and creativity.

Your group will be guided during the one-hour, interactive Toast to the Team™ Zoom call through the facilitation of purposeful questions, holding the space for an appreciative and uplifting time together. Your attendees can expect to have a lot of fun and participate in inspiring conversations, lifting the human spirit and bringing life to the team. 
Toast to the Team Testimonial


Sometimes, life is just not very balanced, but we can be “choice-full” about the days we are living and the actions and steps we take when things feel out of alignment. In my ELEVATED coaching packages, I integrate a mix of tools to help you elevate in life and in leadership. By developing greater self-awareness, a more conscious level of thinking and a mindset rooted in growth and abundance, you will be fully supported in maximizing your influence, leading with intention and allowing yourself the space to be present in your own life. 

When you ELEVATE with me you will:

✔️Elevate your positive impact and influence as an authentic leader
✔️Create clear intentions that align with your actions in service of your highest good and the greater good of others
✔️Embody and exude greater confidence and have a stronger voice and presence in work and life
✔️Let go of fear and limiting beliefs that might be holding you back from your vision of your most elevated self
✔️Overall healthier way of being
✔️LIve in a state of flow, where there is balance between challenge and skill and taking bold steps allows opportunities to expand upon themselves
✔️Alignment between your head and your heart
Szymetrics created a wonderful team engagement experience for us. They made our team feel comfortable, which allowed them to share their thoughts and complement each other on their strengths. Through their activities, everyone walked away understanding the value of their own strengths and how our combined strengths can benefit Ironistic.
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