I brought Jen on for two reasons - the leadership team of my restaurant is majority female and I felt it was really important for them to work with a female executive. I needed my team to "grow beyond the shift" they were working. The first step Jen took was to meet and get to know my leaders. She then developed a personalized approach to our big workshop which was tailored to "Finding Your Superpower.” The results have been outstanding! The team started taking more initiative; making decisions and being confident in those decisions. This has taken them to the next level. The thing that really jumped out at as we started and now continue our work with Jen is that her methods are personalized, so she can ensure they're impactful for everyone.
- george g. demetriades, jr.
  Owner/operator, chick-fil-a at crystal 
  city in-line
I asked Jen to facilitate the kick-off to our inaugural year-long women’s leadership program. There was a lot of weight put on this, as it would set the tone for the rest of the program. Jen was incredible to work with in planning out the session, she really wanted to understand our company and how the program fit in, and that was apparent in her execution of the workshop. At the workshop she created a welcoming environment and encouraged vulnerability, which was taken in earnest. By the end of the session everyone had the opportunity to meaningfully connect to each other, people were sharing their greatest struggles and achievements, and they had begun to think about personal and group goals to achieve throughout this program. Thank you, Jen!!
- andrea eagan
  director, learning & development and 
Szymetrics created a wonderful team engagement experience for us. They made our team feel comfortable, which allowed them to share their thoughts and complement each other on their strengths. Through their activities, everyone walked away understanding the value of their own strengths and how our combined strengths can benefit Ironistic.
- rita foss, coo
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