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Jennifer Szymanki, MS, RD
In putting my story out to the world, I thought that the natural format was to come at you with my professional background and achievements, but in thinking this through I'd much rather tell you about why I'm so happy and inspired to be where I am today! While my past has shaped me, I'm really excited about right now and what is forming ahead!
I've done a lot of great work (internal and external) in my conscious, ongoing transformation, running the gambit from chasing a variety of professional certifications, practicing mindfulness, overhauling my diet, reading everything I can get my hands on about spirituality, living with intention and working with energy healers. Those are just a sampling of the things I've immersed myself in on my journey to today. I say "conscious" change because I was truly ready and heartfully committed to making what came next my own creation, supporting the life I want to live and encompassing all of the things I value most, starting with my beautiful family and our faith, health and growth.
The path has been rewarding but also filled with a mixed bag of emotions and experiences. However, allowing myself the space to be present in my own life has taught me to embrace the truth of those emotions and experiences as opposed to an idea of how I'm supposed to be feeling and experiencing life. When I finally honored and quieted my mind and invited my heart to lead me, I embodied a new sense of energy, alignment, wholeness and joy, enabling me to come in true connection with my purpose of helping others to be their best, most authentic selves!

My time leading an organization was very rewarding, and I felt my greatest pride and joy in seeing the people I led develop into amazing talents, who truly were the driving force behind the amazing organizational growth and success. As Matthew Kelly notes in the The Dream Manager, "People are unique in that they have the ability to imagine a more abundant future, to hope for that future, and to take proactive steps to create that future." I'd love to help you and your team consciously shift to that future of limitless possibilities!

My expertise in coaching and facilitation is rooted in strengths and exploring the abundant possibilities that could unfold if the strengths were developed to realize a higher purpose. My ELEVATION framework enables people to create the change they want to see while delivering impactful results that include:
Clarify of shared purpose, values and vision
Vibrant and engaged cultures with thriving people and improved productivity
Boosted creativity, collaboration and commitment
Strengthened communication and interpersonal relationships
Environments fostering trust and psychological safety
In my free time, I enjoy long walks in nature while watching for cardinals (my spirit animal), grounding with a yoga practice, experimenting with "super-foods", enjoy a glass of bubbly (or most wines for that matter), and reading anything to do with the mind-body connection! I am most grateful for my amazing husband, Stephen, my energetic little-guy Christopher, and my doting English Golden Retriever, Ranger who are all blessings of infinite joy, abundance and of course, the greatest use of my time!
Credentials & Certifications:

Executive Certificate, Organizational Consulting & Change Leadership
Institute for Transformational Leadership, Georgetown University

XCHANGE Certified Practitioner
The Flourishing Leadership Institute

Certified Health & Wellness Coach
Duke Integrative Medicine

Add Heart Facilitator
Heart Math Institute

Registered Dietitian
American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Master’s Degree, Human Nutrition
University of Delaware

Former General Manager
Vitaflo USA, A Nestle Health Science Company
"When I finally honored and quieted my mind and invited my heart to lead me, I embodied a new sense of energy, alignment, wholeness and joy, enabling me to come in true connection with my purpose of helping others to be their best, most authentic selves!"

what i do
Elevate to Your Best Self
Through customized packages and programs, I support conscious, high-performing leaders, teams and organizations in harnessing the collective wisdom and unlocking group genius to create the "next big thing" and define what's possible!
In my ELEVATED coaching packages, I integrate a mix of tools to help you elevate in life and in leadership, supporting you in your personal journey!
download MY elevation planning workbook
A Guide to Creating Your Vision and Goals for Authentic and Purposeful Leadership.
Jen Szymanski of Szymetrics LLC
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